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Through our participation in Creation Justice Ministries, our ecumenical partner, we have developed working relationships with Baptist partners in the Alliance of Baptists and the Progressive National Baptist Convention. Through Creation Justice Ministries we are also in the process of developing a partnership with eco-America, an umbrella organization that has supported the environmental justice work of several other major denominations. They provide in-kind services as well as, in some cases, funding. We are also looking to find ways to collaborate with ABC regions, Home Missions, International Missions, the Baptist Peace Fellowship, and others. As we begin to strategically develop programs and events, we expect these partnerships to emerge in the form of co-sponsorship and collaborative planning and event production. In this way we hope to seed our vision of creation justice rather broadly in ABC life and beyond into wider Baptist and ecumenical circles.

An interfaith organization linking various faith traditions engaged in climate change from a faith perspective.

An ecumenical Christian ministry which provides resources for education, “greening your church,” action steps, worship.

A national, interfaith organization.  A fabulous website for resources for education, worship, congregational resources, etc.

An evangelical network whose purpose is to support and empower evangelical and other Christian communities to care for God’s creation from a biblical perspective.

Blessed Tomorrow is a program for faith leaders, from faith leaders, that provides a network of support, guidance, and a robust platform of tools and resources to inspire and empower your climate change leadership.