Get Involved

Our ABC Creation Justice Network is meeting an important need within ABC Life to call for a deeper engagement with the problem of the ecological crisis and related issues such as poverty and racism.  Our vision of a just and sustainable future for God’s creation resonates with many members of our American Baptist family, both pastors and churches.  As we continue to talk about this vision, network, and share the stories of those among us already doing this work, we hope to activate more American Baptists with a sense of hope and purpose for creation justice.  Do you feel called to a deeper connection with this work of seeking justice for God’s creation? Would you like join us in our mission of building a movement among Baptists that seeks peace, justice, and reconciliation with all of God’s creation.  If so, please sign up to join our email list today.

Other actions you can take:
– Reach out to one of our steering committee members and start a conversation about what you’re working on and how we can share in that.
– Email us your sermons, theological writings, stories, pictures, and videos so we can post them here and share them with our network.

What we are finding as we build our network is that many other faith leaders in the ABC, other denominations, and other faiths are working for creation justice. There are remarkable examples of committed leadership from all over the country.  So far we’ve connected with 109 American Baptists who have signed up to be part of our ABC Creation Justice Network…in the next year we’d like to make that 500 or 1000.  Folks are leading workshops, retreats, marches, vigils, educational programs, other community projects—they are bringing remarkable creativity and energy to this work. We invite you to join us in discovering what is already going on and then connecting, networking, and seeing how we can partner together for a just and sustainable future for God’s creation.