A Matter of Stewardship: Eco-Justice in Biblical Perspective Workshop

This is a great resource created by the American Baptist Home Mission Society:

This six-session study, which is designed for either personal or group use, explores the call to stewardship as it was first given to us. Recognizing that we do not need to adopt a secular view of the environment in order to justify care for the planet, participants are invited to set aside preconceptions and ask the question “What does it mean that God created the world and invited human beings to ‘have dominion’ (Gen. 1:26) and to ‘till and keep the garden’ (Gen. 2:15)?”. Therefore, this study is for all Christians who seek to understand and be faithful in our role as the “crowned ones” (Ps.  8) within creation. The hope is that participants with varying viewpoints would walk together through a process that moves them beyond inflammatory language to reclaim fellowship with one another and bear witness together to a distinctly biblical view of creation and our role within it.


“A Matter of Stewardship” PowerPoint group study aid
The following PowerPoint presentations can serve as a teaching aid for groups participating in the six-session study of “A Matter of Stewardship: Eco-justice in Biblical Perspective.”

Session One: About Us
Session Two: About Stewardship
Session Three: About Creation
Session Four: About Animals
Session Five: About Justice
Session Six: About Faithfulness

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