A Statement In Support of the Paris Agreement

Washington—We, the members of the Creation Justice Network of the American Baptist Churches, USA, are deeply saddened by President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement and to no longer contribute to the Green Climate Fund.

The Paris Agreement calls on countries to set voluntary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a major contributor to climate change, and keep the Earth’s temperature from increasing to 2° Celsius. If we do not control our greenhouse gas emissions and the planet’s temperature, then droughts, floods, and other natural disasters will happen more regularly. This will threaten lives, water supplies, and food systems. Climate change is already impacting millions of vulnerable people around the world.  As one example, Somalia is on brink of famine due to warmer weather that has led to a 3-year drought—putting 3 million people at risk of starvation.

The United States is one of the biggest emitters of carbon and thus bears a large responsibility to its citizens and the rest of creation to be a leader in addressing the current and looming problems around climate change.

As people of faith, we recognize that the earth is out of accord with the way God created it. Scripture calls us to care for each other and creation. When the Paris Agreement was ratified in December of 2015, it was a moment for the United States along with 196 other countries to lift up and act on those values.

We urge President Trump to reconsider his decision and to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement.

ABC Creation Justice Network Steering Committee

The steering committee members of the ABC Creation Justice Network, and authors of this statement, are: Ashley Anderson, Karyn Bigelow, Dwight P. Davidson, Stacey Simpson Duke, Kathleen Moore, Jamie Washam, David Wheeler, Tom Carr, Ian Mevorach and Don Ng.

From time to time, Task Forces are established by the Board of General Ministries to study different issues. In their study, Task Forces often create statements and/or provide materials for local churches who want to discuss issues. The views expressed in this statement are the result of this committee studying this subject. They are distributed in the hope of stimulating healthy, productive discussion on this subject. They are not an official word from any American Baptist organization, region or local church, and do not reflect any official policy decisions.

Our ecumenical partner, Creation Justice Ministries, has also released a joint statement with the National Council of Churches lamenting President Trump’s decision and voicing support for the Paris Climate Agreement.

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